Commercial Siding in Toronto

While the roof over your Toronto business is the first line of defense against moisture deteriorating your commercial property, siding is equally important to keeping moisture out and keeping valuable heat in. Siding is important for your building’s overall esthetics and curb appeal, but it has several important practical applications as well.

Given how important siding is to your business, choosing your siding is not a decision that should be made on a whim. When you are looking to install siding to a new or existing Toronto structure, you should always seek out the assistance of professional contractors with loads of professional experience.

At Sincero Corp. By Available Roofing, we have been outfitting all types of businesses in the area for many years. With the help of our professionals, you can find the perfect siding to meet your business’s needs. If you are not sure what you hope to accomplish with your new siding, please feel to give us a call. Our extensive experience is at your disposal when you call Sincero Corp. By Available Roofing and tell us about your current situation. Together, we can determine what your best options are within your budget for a protected, well-insulated and beautiful building.

Types of Siding

Every business is different. And, with this in mind, so are the siding needs of every business in the Toronto area. Determining which options works best for you is not an easy task, which is why we have overviews of some of your options listed below. If after going over the options below hasn’t provided any clarity, do not hesitate to call us and discuss what your business needs in greater detail.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding, while primarily a popular option for homes, can also be put to good use for businesses. It is one of the more durable options because it is made out of PVC, a rigid plastic that is fixed to the building’s exterior in a way that allows the material to expand and contract with the conditions outside.

Fiber Cement Siding

Made from cement, ground sand, cellulose fiber, select additives and water, fiber cement siding is popular for its realistic look, durability and fire resistance. The sheets are made to match the desired thickness and a wood grain is imprinted. They are designed for easy installation and usually take less time and can suit any budget.

Metal Siding

If you are going for a modern, industrial look, you can’t go wrong with metal siding. For eco-conscious business owners, this is an attractive option because metal sidings are typically made up of a high percentage of recycled materials. It can last 20 years without repainting and can last longer with proper maintenance, i.e. sealing any scratches that may rust.

Stone Siding

Stone or brick siding require zero maintenance while being incredibly strong, versatile and adds stability to any property. They are expensive to buy and install but they will never incur extra costs after they have been weather proofed.

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